The Christmas Experiment

The Christmas Experiment

A Silver Birch Story...

Kara McKendrick is having a really bad day when someone leaves a nickel as a tip at the bakery/coffee house where she works. On a whim, she throws the coin into the town’s iconic wishing well, asking the universe for “just a little help.” Not two hours later, that wish is fulfilled in a most unlikely way when wealthy classmate Rob Winters asks Kara to pretend to be his fiancée for the Christmas season, a charade that will please his father and also keep him from being railroaded into a loveless marriage with an ambitious and ruthless debutante.

Although uneasy about being “paid” for her services, Kara accepts Rob’s proposal and finds that over the course of several different parties and a Christmas dinner, what started out as a harmless (but lucrative) bit of make-believe has morphed into real feelings. Not just for Rob, but for his whole family. When she realizes that the man Rob knows as his “fun uncle” is secretly trying to undermine the family business — with the help of the woman his family wants Rob to marry — Kara intervenes.

A little Christmas magic and a whole lot of love later, Kara finds she has everything she could ever wish for — and more.

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About the Book
Genre: Contemporary romance
Publisher: Dark Valentine Press
Publication Year: 2020
List Price: 2.99
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